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Dasha Trebichavska, L.Ac.,RN, M.S., Arizona

"I have been helping people overcome a variety of health issues using a combination of holistic treatments over the last 15 years. As a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, nutritionist, as w ell as a registered nurse (RN), I have the kno w ledge and experience necessary to design targeted, effective treatments for my clients, and have enjoyed seeing people get w ell fast."

Photonic & Microcurrent Therapy

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A broad spectrum of safe, natural, effective treatment modalities available.

T w o locations: South Scottsdale and North Scottsdale (the Rio Verde Foothills).

Free phone consultation, no long waits.

A practitioner you can trust--in practice for more than 15 years.

Outside medical referrals provided w hen needed.

Acupuncture without needles--the latest technology in the field of pain management and musculo-skeletal rehabilitation

Movement of energy through the body by stimulating acupuncture points can be accomplished in many different ways, including needles, pressure (acupressure), light, and electricity. I offer both classical acupuncture and needleless techniques using photonic and micro-current stimulation. Or try another form needle-free acupuncture at home and get quick results by using Accu-pen

Photonic Stimulation Therapy


is effective in muscle tissue regeneration and pain control


speeds up healing


treatment lasts between 15-30 minutes


infrared therapy could be included in some cases


best when combined with acupressure points 

This new, powerful, safe, FDA-cleared light therapy device has been used as a powerful light therapy tool by many medical professionals around the world, mostly in Europe, and lately in the US. Over 40 years of independent worldwide research has documented the therapeutic effects of light therapy.  The photonic stimulator directs a beam of photons on traumatized nerves and acupuncture or trigger points and changes their electrical potential. This results in increased blood flow, and improved nerve function, as well as bringing oxygen and nutrients into the injured site and helping to remove waste products. Pain and numbness disappear as the healing progresses and the range of motion increases. This type of therapy is often referred to as "cold laser", "biostimulation" or "low-level light therapy" and is used to treat symptoms associated with conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, sciatica, sport injuries and many more. 

Dr. Len Saputo, M.D., a founder of Health Medicine Forum, and a world tennis champion from owns a photonic stimulator and has used it successfully for  painful conditions such as acute sprains, strains, tendonitis, and conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, plantarfascitis, etc.

For more information about the use of photonic therapy in sports, go to (click on Medical, then Photonic stimulator, then Media Center)

Micro-current Therapy 

effective in pain control, tissue regeneration, and healing:

Micro-current is a new form of therapy used by MDs, PTs, acupuncturists, and other health professionals for:




Arthritis/ Joint pain                                                     


Carpal tunnel syndrome


Headaches, TMJ


Neuropathy, neuritis, neuralgia




Spasms, Muscle pain






Back pain, shoulder and neck injuries (lumbago, whiplash,etc.)

Electrodes used for Pain ManagementMicro-current resembles our own body’s current and works on a cellular level (TENS unit often used in physio-therapy looks similar but only masks pains). Healthy tissue depends on a normal flow of electrical current throughout the body. Electrical balance is disrupted when the body is injured at a particular site, causing the electrical current to change course. The use of micro-current over the injured site realigns this flow and thus aids tissue repair--resulting in increased healing and recovery, as well as blocking any pain signals in the area. Micro-current stimulation speeds up healing of injuries by increasing oxygenation of tissues, providing targeted nourishment to tissues and cells, and by detoxifying tissues. Orthopedic and plastic surgeons have used this form of therapy for non-healing fractures and scar reduction.

Micro Plus - Microcurrent Electrical Nerve StimulatorIf you are interested in purchasing your own portable unit (the size of a wallet), contact me at 415-420-3750. They are very economical and quite handy to have ($150 per device-for unlimited number of treatments compared to $60 or more for a massage session, physical therapy, chiropractic visit, etc.).  Many of my patients have them at home for treatment of a variety of  mostly neuro-musculo-skeletal issues for themselves and their families. The micro-current device could be dispensed only by a qualified health practitioner.



Using a tool like accu-pen at home will help you recover much faster and treatments are tailored specifically to your needs. Accu-pen is another, more precise tool for electrical, self-acupuncture which could be used for self-treatments for nausea, pain, post-stroke rehabilitation, treatment of eye conditions such as macular degeneration, weight loss, insomnia. It is economical and easy to master with help of an acupuncturist who will mark specific points on your body or your ear lobe for you to stimulate at home. Call for more information about this device. 

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